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 Odds on Favorite is the much-anticipated continuation to Favored to Win. Book Two of the Winning Odds Series welcomes you back to Nottingham Downs.
Odds on Favorite (Winning Odds Series)

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The Frog, the Wizard, and the Shrew


With a combination of insight and magical realism, author MaryAnn Myers propels her readers into the mysterious and provocative world of Anne Marie Light. The young woman’s purchase of a second-hand prom dress initiates a chain of events during which strange, unfamiliar memories surface: a recurring song of longing, a teen pregnancy, and a dearly loved, but perhaps abandoned baby. When Anne Marie sets out to discover the source of these haunting thoughts, her journey leads to the streets of New Orleans for answers. Unforgettable characters along the way include the eccentric ex-circus performer, Miss Colorado, an intriguing telephone installer named Danny, a voodoo queen called Rosalee, and Anne Marie’s caustic mother, with whom a reconciliation must be made if there is to be a true resolution.

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Maple Dale 


When the Maple Dale Equestrian Center is sold to a developer, Leah as its headmistress is so determined to prevent its imminent destruction, not even death will stop her. Fiercely independent, but lost and alone, for the first time in her life she must rely on others, learn how to trust, and ultimately to forgive.


Compelling and heartwarming, Maple Dale is the story of her relationship with her students and the family she never knew she had. A family as diverse and troubled as you’ve ever met, and yet who must come together in singular purpose, for Leah’s sake.                                                                      *     *     *

 MaryAnn Myers, author of critically acclaimed first novel Call Me Lydia, storyteller extraordinaire, proves to be a master of allegory in Maple Dale, and will make you wonder. A book to read, to give to a friend, to discuss, and the read again. A treasure.

When Nottingham Downs is forced into bankruptcy, Ben Miller steps in to save the day. "Respected horseman, trainer of stake horses, breeder, farm owner, family man". Everyone said if there was anyone who could save the day it would be Ben. He had no idea what lie ahead....

The people are the same; the ones you loved, the ones you laughed and cried with, the horses. But things have changed. The barns are in disrepair, animal rights is at the forefront, whip use, low handle, low purses, employee unrest, high profile Thoroughbred deaths all over the world, the news media....

Ben longs for the days when horse racing was a proud profession, when going to the racetrack every morning was a treat. Back when, "It was all about the horses."

Love, mystery, intrigue. Why are racetracks closing all over the country? Where do Thoroughbreds go when they leave the racetrack? What is going on with Tom? Is he for real? Dawn is shaking her head too. She's another one that has no idea. How did she get talked into this?


"A Coming of Age"

Fourteen years ago Leah Oliver passed away. Months later, she
finally left Maple Dale Equestrian Center. Or did she? Bethann and the students wonder. When a small herd of hungry-looking deer show up at the barn one morning, the girls decide they should feed them. This sparks a series of events, resulting in their making the six o’clock news and having
to find a permanent home for the deer quickly before they are killed by sharpshooters. Putting their pain and differences aside, three generations of women come together to follow a thread of hope linked to Leah Oliver that could potentially lead the way….
In a captivating writing style uniquely her own, MaryAnn Myers
introduces you to characters you will never forget. They will become your friends; they will become your family. You will laugh with them, you will cry with them. You will cheer for them.
Enjoy the

Ellie's Crows

    Ellie is a young woman, not unlike any other young woman in today's world. She'sin love, perhaps with the wrong man. She's self supporting, if always  being a week behind counts. She's kind and considerate , unless crossed. She's true to herslef and others. She is the best of best friends, is attentive to her grandmother, and she loves horses. What is different about Ellie is the fact that she is followed through life by a flock of crows.

Ellie's Crows depicts the last few weeks of her Grandma Betty's life in a nursing home; a very clean, antiseptic facility, with very little love to go around. Ellie is the sunshine in her days, and as death grows near, her companion thoughout the long nights. Ellie's Crows is a celebration of life, and all it's encompasses; laughter, tears, fear, triumph...and the realization that perhaps, just perhaps, happiness lies within.



Dawn never meant to hurt anyone. She never meant to live a lie. She never meant to fall in love. Sometimes things just happen.

As the mysteries and excitement of Thoroughbred racing unfold, so do the details of Dawn Fioritto’s life and past. While covering a story for the local newspaper, Dawn becomes captivated by an enchanting old man and with life behind the scenes at Nottingham Downs. She returns under the guise of writing a novel. For two years, she comes and goes, employed as a groom in relative obscurity. No one knows who she is, or

where she’s been. She is an enigma, harmless and protected, in a racing world where one lives only for the moment, where yesterday is gone, and where there may be no tomorrow. Until the day, someone starts asking questions….


Critically acclaimed author MaryAnn Myers had done it again! As with her previous page-turning novels, Call Me Lydia and Maple Dale, she will keep you spellbound well into the night. Give in to the magic, settle back in your favorite chair and enjoy.   

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